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Time Well Spent

Nothing motivates children like family participation and encouragement.  Parents must be their children's role model and, therefore, must spend interactive time with them in order to nurture a cohesive family unit.  The St Lawrence Youth Athletic Program was formed to provide the younger Catholic community with a time and place for parents and guardians to introduce their children to sports and allow them to mature athletically at their own pace. Your family will be enriched by this experience.


Setting the Standards

Moms and Dads, you must set the example, not just for your children, but for all the game-day parents on both competing teams. Please instill within each child a sense of self-discipline, responsibility, confidence, and self-esteem. YAP will provide a learning environment, rooted in a firm belief that smiles and laughter are true results of friendly competition. To accomplish these goals, parents must exercise self-discipline themselves.

The program at St Lawrence is not a highly competitive league. Rather, it is meant to provide an alternative environment for children to enter athletics without the pressure of having to be No. 1 or "The Best". This program emphasizes teamwork and fair play above winning. The program encourages families from opposing teams to be social with other families, to congratulate something done well by the opposing team and, in general, to foster a good Catholic family community atmosphere. There are programs for highly competitive leagues as your children get older; however, this sports program wants to create a good foundation for your child's athletic future.


Parental Participation

YAP operates WITH parental participation in all the events we provide.  Children in lower grade levels will receive their sports training and education from parents acting as teachers and role models. We understand that your participation in these activities is voluntary, but we ask that you adhere to the following rules and guidelines.
  • Do not force a child to play if they do not want to.
  • YAP sports are primarily for the children's enjoyment.
  • Teach and demonstrate to children to play by the rules.
  • Teach your child that doing your best as a player and team is equally important as winning.
  • Teach children the value of compassion in Sports and Life.
  • Give positive reinforcement to your players and other teams players.
  • Cheer for all good plays and efforts by both teams.
  • Do not belittle children for making mistakes.
  • If your child makes a mistake, first point out the good things they have done before discussing the mistakes, and always do it at home or with his or her coach.
  • Coaches, Officials, and Parents DO NOT debate, or confront each other at the game field in front of the child about the game.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated if you were playing.
  • A parent should play with and practice with their child. Each child wants their parent to be interested in what they do and share in what they learn.
  • Make every effort to attend and help at your child's practice and games.
  • If you are not happy with what happens at a game or practice, call your coach at home and discuss it, never discuss it in front of the child at the field.  If you can not resolve the matter with your coach, please contact a YAP Director.


Hostility------All forms of hostility toward a referee, coach, child, or opposing-team parent are unacceptable, and have no place in this league.  In the event someone strongly disagrees with a call made, or with a coach's decision, it is imperative that the disagreement or concern be discussed in a relaxed manner via telephone sometime after the game.  DO NOT create a scene or express your displeasure during a game or in front of children.  Parents, encourage those around you to remain calm in the event someone gets upset; remind them why we're here. A lot of positive improvement can be set back by one inconsiderate parental temper-tantrum.  The league reserves the right to prohibit any obnoxious or offensive person, parent, or guardian from being a spectator at any YAP function. Please think before you act, and enjoy these short, star studded moments with your child!!!


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