Winter Flag Football League

Kids learn and excel in the game of football while embracing team work

Flag Football is an enjoyable sport for both boys and girls to play, and very exciting for parents to watch! The YAP Flag Football program is designed for your child to have fun, learn football fundamentals, and develop teamwork skills in a safe environment.  Football will help your child develop quick decision making skills, follow directions and build their confidence. The success of our season will be determined by your child's improvement in these areas alone, and not by the number of wins or losses.

  • Calendar
    The YAP Flag Football program will run from December 4th through February 5th.  Breaking for the holidays–beginning December 19th and continuing after January 2nd.
  • Fees: $95
  • Registration
    Registration is open starting now, until Monday, November 15th.  
  • Placement
    The coaches will hold a player draft on Wednesday, November 17th to choose players for their teams.  The draft determines how players are assigned to respective teams. Pre-existing teams will not be preserved. 
  • Practices
    Each team will have one practice per week for 1 hour in duration.
    Following the draft, each coach will schedule practice days/times based on personal and/or field availability.
    The coach will notify team members of practice times by email or text ONLY after the draft has occured.When registering your child, please select a practice location preference, as practices may be held at either St. Lawrence or Christ the King.  Your Practice Location preference will impact the practice times and/or days that are available to you.  Also, it's important to note any days of the week that your child cannot attend practice on a regular basis in the fields provided.  Please consider that requested or preferred practice times cannot always be accommodated.
  • Games: Teams will be scheduled to play one game per week, every Saturday, beginning December 4th.
    Games times will vary according to your child's age group and schedule, and will be 50 minutes in duration.  All games will be held at St. Lawrence.
  • Experience: Previous experience is not necessary. Practices will include basic skills, teamwork drills, and game strategy. Parents are encouraged to work with their children on passing, running and moves learned at practice.
  • Teams: Each team will have approximately 8 to 9 players.
  • Coaching: We highly encourage all parents to volunteer to coach and/or assistant coach their child’s team. It is a great way to experience what YAP is about, and earn points along the way! No experience is required to coach.
  • Age Groups for this Sport:
    • U6 (Grades EC-4 & K): Co-ed, 8 to 9 players per team.
    • U8 (Grades 1st & 2nd): Co-ed, 8 to 9 players per team.
    • U10 (Grades 3rd & 4th): Co-ed, 8 to 9 players per team.
    • U12 (Grades 5th & 6th): Co-ed, 8 to 9 players per team.
    • U14 (Grades 7th & 8th): Co-ed, 8 to 9 players per team.
  • Uniforms and Equipment**:
    • Jersey (provided by YAP)
    • **Black Shorts (supplied by player)
    • **Water bottle (supplied by player)

*PLEASE NOTE: Once registration is completed and closed for this sport a draft will be held. Only after the draft can YAP coaches and staff will inform parents of the practice day(s) for your child's team.