St. Lawrence Youth Athletic Program
St. Lawrence YAP 2021/2022
COVID-19 Guidelines

In an effort to comply with CDC guidelines and maintain a safe environment for our participants and coaches, St. Lawrence YAP will implement the following guidelines for the 2021/2022 Athletic Season.

1. Outside activities will be favored to indoor activities (weather permitting).
2. YAP teams will be encouraged to have 8 kids or fewer.
3. Coaches and Commissioners will ensure compliance with YAP guidelines.
4. Players and coaches will be required to wash/ sanitize hands upon entering the field or court and before
leaving the field or court. Additionally, sanitizing stations will be placed in high traffic areas.
5. Players are required to bring their own water bottle.
6. Players are required to bring their own snacks at practice or gameday.
7. Water fountains will be available to refill water bottles or as an emergency hydration station.
8. Coaches and Commissioners will wipe down all shared sports equipment (balls, flags, racquets, etc.) before
and after each practice or game day.
9. Parents are permitted to stay and watch practice and games but must maintain social distance of 6 feet or
10. Parents should monitor the health of their child(ren) and keep them home if illness issuspected.
11. All participants must submit a completed COVID-19 waiver before the first practice.
12. All referees and coaches will be required to wear face masks during team meetings, practices, and games.
13. We are encouraging parents and family members to wear a mask while in attendance, but it is not
14. We are asking parents to depart STL as soon as your athlete’s game is over to avoid overcrowding.