Feb 3, 2020

CONDUCT TIME WELL SPENT Nothing motivates children like family participation and encouragement.  Parents must be their children’s role model and, therefore, must spend interactive time with them in order to nurture a cohesive family unit.  The St Lawrence Youth Athletic Program was formed to provide the younger Catholic community with a time and place for…

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Parental Participation

Jan 3, 2020

PARENTAL PARTICIPATION YAP operates WITH parental participation in all the events we provide.  Children in lower grade levels will receive their sports training and education from parents acting as teachers and role models. We understand that your participation in these activities is voluntary, but we ask that you adhere to the following rules and guidelines.…

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About Us

The St. Lawrence Youth Athletic Program, or as we refer to as YAP, welcomes you to our newly redesigned website. The new website is designed to simplify your child's registration and provide you with important communication regarding your child's registration.

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St. Lawrence YAP

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